Lorch cellulose evaporative cooler

Lorch cellulose evaporative cooler

  • Increased cooling efficiency compared to conventional Pads of straw
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Self-cleaning property and less fouling due to air movement and dust washing for longer service life
  • Water absorption in cellulose pad is one of the important factors in cooling the cooler.
  • Using cellulose pads instead of sPads of straw prevents the transfer of fungi and bacteria into the home environment.
  • Warranty :Since installation ,2 years parts warranty and 1 year pump and motor warranty


Cellulose evaporative coolers work like evaporators through evaporative cooling. But unlike conventional water coolers that mediate the evaporation of their straw, due to the use of cellulose pads have higher cooling efficiency and therefore higher energy levels.

The economic cost and maintenance of cellulose coolers is much lower than conventional coolers. The cellulose pad of these air conditioners, unlike ordinary straw, has the following features: High cooling efficiency / Reduction of electricity consumption under the same conditions / Self-cleaning feature of the pad and high service life and low speed deposition process, very wide contact surface between air and water / Absorption power Very high / evaporative process with the production of pure water vapor and free of any contamination and minerals and the impossibility of fungus formation on the cellulose pad shell / Quick and easy installation compared to straw Distinctive and special features of Lorch cellulose coolers (usable in industrial halls And sports) in the use of turbo fan for the first time in Iran to increase aeration by 20% and also to overcome aeration loss at high static pressures due to increasing the length of the channel by using intelligent remote touch control which in addition to beauty and efficiency Equipped with RCCB system to prevent the possibility of electric shock and two pole interruptions (simultaneous phase and neutral interruption), which is the most complete safety system for this product, as well as the presence of an on and off timer for you. Brings.

Using an ultra-low-consumption motor with energy class A and using a motor equipped with an intelligent thermoswitch system (thermal switch) that cuts off the power supply to the motor in the event of any mechanical faults and prevents the motor from burning. D Use of high-power and low-consumption water pump (maximum power consumption of 20 watts) d Use of standard and high quality cellulose pads to increase cooling efficiency and tangible cooling capacity, equipped with strong polymer doors and resistant to sunlight ( unti u7) with a beautiful and unique design that due to the type of design and materials used in it is safe from absorbing ambient temperature and direct sunlight. Each door is equipped with 3 washable filters that, in addition to increasing the life of the pad, prevent the entry of dust and various environmental pollutants into the interior. These filters can be easily removed from the doors and can be cleaned and washed annually or at the end of each season.

Technical Information

Detailed descriptionModel LC80Model Turbo - LC80
Aeration (at zero static pressure) m3/hr83009500
Aeration (at zero static pressure) ftm3/hr49005600
Type and power of electric motorHpElectrogen and Motogen
High efficiency electrons
Type and power of water pumpHp electrons
High efficiency electrons
Dimensions(mm) Length11401165
(mm) Width930895
(mm) Height900920
net weight Kg7978
Body color typeElectrostatic - polyesterElectrostatic - polyester
Body MaterialGalvanized with 200-220 coating gr/m2Galvanized with 200-220 coating 220 gr/m2
Safety systemEquipped with life-saving switch and two-pole disconnection (simultaneous phase and neutral disconnection)Equipped with life-saving switch and two-pole disconnection (simultaneous phase and neutral disconnection)
WarrantySince installation2 years parts warranty and 1 year pump and motor warranty2 years parts warranty and 1 year pump and motor warranty
InstallationPossibility of installation by all expertsPossibility of installation by all experts

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