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About Lorch Industrial Group

Production, like fresh blood in the veins of the country’s economy, causes the life and guarantee of the survival of nations’ economies, and the heart of every society beats for the growth and development of domestic production and the replacement of domestic products with imported ones. This means that the production boom has been a concern for all the sympathizers of the country for many years.
The industry of producing home appliances and facilities, which is unique in the country’s industries in terms of product diversity, inclusion of applicants and its importance in meeting the needs of society. Given the significant share of this industry in the country’s economy and its effective role in job creation and its extraordinary ability to transfer technology is very important.

A hub for home appliances and utilities in the Middle East

Lorch Industrial Manufacturing Company started its activities in the beautiful and historical city of Isfahan in 1977 as one of the manufacturers of home appliances, with the aim of creating employment and entrepreneurship and with the investment of the private sector. This factory was built in J Industrial Zone in the east of Isfahan. Lorch Company has always tried to produce quality and consumer-friendly products by employing specialized and experienced personnel.

At present, about 300 people are directly involved in the factories of Lorch Industrial Group. Due to the existence of good domestic producers, Iran can be introduced as a producer of home appliances and facilities in the Middle East. Lorch Industrial Group, with the support of its years of efforts, has succeeded in reducing the share of imports of similar goods and preventing the outflow of foreign currency from the country, to export its products to different countries. In addition to this, Lorch Industrial Group has tried to increase the quality of its products to world standards and standards to try to gain foreign markets to provide currency for the country, as well as employment for young people in this region.

Highest level of customer satisfaction

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National standard of products

Certificates And Honors

During its years of activity, Lorch Company has been proud to obtain valid national and international certificates, including the national standard certificate for various types of panel radiators, the national standard certificate for various types of gas packages, and the national standard certificate for various types of water coolers.

To check other certificates, refer to Lorch Honors page.

افتخارات لورچ

Research and Development Unit (R&D)

Research, invention and development are the most fundamental components of technology creation and technological progress. It also includes the responsibility that puts these activities on the path of serving humanity and meeting customer needs. In other words, the benefits of technology are realized when the result reaches the customer. In this regard, Lorch Company with the aim of discovering and expanding science and using the latest technology in the world with capable and specialized personnel, set up a research and development unit (R&D). This unit has been able to take a big step towards technological progress in the work environment, reducing factory waste and improving the quality of production by conducting studies and research and using modern knowledge and providing new services and inventing optimal methods of production and assembly of parts.