Lorch portable water cooler

Lorch portable water cooler

Lorch portable water cooler with its small dimensions is very suitable for small spaces. Many times we need to cool the space, but the temporary conditions do not allow us to create permanent and built-in infrastructure. The best choice in such cases is to use portable or portable equipment so that when the situation changes, the system can be easily transported from one place to another. Lorch portable water cooler equipped with an electric motor with an aeration capacity of 1650 cubic meters per hour makes it possible for you to bring spaces up to 30 cubic meters to a comfortable temperature in the warm seasons.

Technical Information

Detailed descriptionModel LC80Model Turbo - LC29
Aeration (at zero static pressure)m3/hr1650
Aeration (at zero static pressure)ftm3/hr970
Cooling Efficiently70%
Type and power of electric motorHpelectrons1/8
Type and power of water pumpHpelectrons
Dimensions(mm) Length620
(mm) Width450
(mm) Height550
net weight Kg20
net weight Kg36
Body color typeElectrostatic - polyester
Body MaterialGalvanized with 200-220 coating gr/m2
Safety systemEquipped with life-saving switch and two-pole disconnection (simultaneous phase and neutral disconnection)
WarrantySince installation2 years parts warranty and 1 year pump and motor warranty
InstallationPossibility of installation by all experts

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