Questions Related to After-sales Service

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Contact Lorch after-sales service center at 03134030, and by reading the serial number of the product, you can use the product warranty service.

Due to the fact that the installation of panel radiators is allowed by all technical technicians and there is no need to coordinate with the company’s after-sales service unit and it is installed at the consumer’s expense.

For guidance, please call the Customer Service Center at 03134030. The parameters of the device are not made available to the public due to possible damages caused by manipulation.

To take advantage of the device warranty service, just call 03134030, which is located on the device, so that the official experts of the company can be sent to your device. Also, regarding the receipt of unconventional funds, please raise the issue with the customer contact center to be investigated and acted upon.

Hold down the reset key for five seconds. If the defect is not fixed or repeated in such a way that the sound of the device fan is heard continuously, the technical expert approved by Lurch Company must completely control the chimney path. If the fan sound is not heard and the error is repeated at the first moment, call the customer service unit at 03134030.

Half-degree oscillation of the pressure gauge of the package device is normal, especially in winter conditions. If there is no leak or complete discharge of the pressure so that you do not encounter an error message, your device is working flawlessly.

Radiator noise is a very rare issue and needs to be carefully considered. This sound is usually resolved over time, but if the sound is continuous, please contact the after-sales service at 03134030 to use the device warranty.

In case of such an accident, contact the after-sales service unit at 03134030. By sending pictures to the relevant expert and checking for leaks due to external factors such as damage and sharpness of the product is included in the warranty. In this case, Rials of waste goods are calculated and deposited in the company’s account by the consumer. At the end, the closest representative of the company is introduced to the consumer and the consumer receives a new radiator by referring to the representative and hot delivery.

Lack of water consumption at the same time as the optimal heating of the radiators can be related to the fouling of the flowmeter impeller, which can also be due to the lack of proper filters, and requires a visit to the company’s service representative for service. Please call 03134030 to obtain the admission code and send the representative. It should be noted that lower costs for purchasing suitable filters for the device can prevent higher costs for repairing the device in the future to consumers. You can also buy accessories for Lorch packages from the company’s reputable stores.

استاندارد نصب پکیج شوفاژ دیواری جهت حداقل نویز با دودکش دوجداره (کوواکسیال) است. وجود غبار بر روی فن می تواند موجب آنبالانسی و ایجاد صدا  گردد. به همین منظور تاکید می گردد تا پکیج خود را به صورت دوره ای سرویس نمایید.

The authorized installer of the company is obliged to deliver the consumer version warranty card to the customer. But if for any reason this sheet is not provided to the consumer, there is no need to worry about the warranty. All you have to do is call 03134030, which is also on the device, and use the product warranty conditions by reading the serial number of the device.

The problem of the electronic board is thoroughly examined by service representatives as well as technical experts, and decisions are made based on the terms and conditions of warranty allocation. Defects due to power fluctuations and the consumer does not use the electrical protection device for the purchased package, is one of the cases that excludes the board from the warranty.

Sales Related Question

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To buy products in installments, you can refer to Lurch chain stores. Find out the nearest store to your place of residence by calling 02175968 or visiting the website of Arsam Tejarat Nikoo Company.

For information on the selling price of the products that are officially offered to the market by the company, you can contact the company’s sales unit at 02175968.

Questions Related to Agency Affairs

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For information about authorized sales representatives of products in each city, you can call the company’s sales unit at 02175968.

Contact Lurch Company Customer Service Center at 03134030. Lorch Company has service agencies in all parts of the country.

Please contact the Customer Service Center at 03134030 for information on Lorch’s parts sales agents.

For information on the conditions for obtaining agency, please contact the representatives of the customer service department of Lorch Company at 03135724377. Applicants must attend the company’s training courses and after passing the written test and face-to-face interview, they will receive a service agency code provided they complete the documents.

Shopping Guide Questions

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Considering that in order to provide appropriate services to esteemed customers, sales outside the authorized limits of each agency are faced with restrictions, please raise the issue with the relevant sales agency to review and make the necessary coordination.

Lurch radiator has the highest thermal efficiency in rose and high-efficiency models due to benefiting from the highest height and length of convectors available in the market and using steel sheets with suitable thickness. The high-efficiency model has a classic design and continuous production in accordance with the general demand of consumers. Rose model has a sleek design and production and supply to market order, which is available in the market depending on the tastes of esteemed consumers.

For colder regions, it is usually recommended to purchase a higher capacity. For a 140-meter unit, 28 kW of Adena device is enough in cold places. It should be noted that the type of insulation of your building and the type of adjacent walls, as well as the absence of people living in adjacent units, up or down, as well as the position of your unit near the roof or on the pilot is also important.

You can get information about the possibility of installing the package product in your desired city or province by contacting the customer service center of Lurch Company at 03134030, in addition to ensuring the authenticity of the serial of the purchased device.

It is recommended to drain and wash the circuit after installing the radiator and after a period of about two weeks of hot water circulation inside the system. It should be noted that the use of all filters, especially the magnetic filter back of the radiator is strongly recommended. Also note that the water in the heating path is very valuable and should not be drained after washing once. Beware of any leaks from your system. The use of protective materials is also recommended.

According to the mentioned conditions, Lurch package of Hero, Herma and Adena models with a capacity of 24 kW is recommended.

Informs that all products manufactured in Lorch Industrial Group, according to the research of the company’s R&D unit, are produced based on a specific technical certificate appropriate to the use of the product, observing the highest quality level. This quality is the company’s commitment to valued customers and it is not possible to customize the quality level of the product in any way. Therefore, please call 02175968 to introduce a qualified sales representative and reputable stores offering Lurch products.